Mark Critz War Against Women!

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We are a group of friends who have witnessed Congressman Mark Critz ignore the sexual assault and rape of our friend by a U.S. Marine.
We were constituents of Critz in Washington County and are thrilled that he will no longer be representing us. However we are concerned for those in his new district and want everyone to know what a heinous human being Congressman Mark Critz is.                                                                                                

He is all talk and no action and he could care less about the safety and well being of women in this country or in the military.
What is going on with our military is nothing more than crimes against humanity and Critz sits on the Armed Forces Committee, and investigative and oversight subcommittee, and he did nothing. Not only did his office full of military personnel not know what to do, but then they made sure nothing was done. Under Critz watch everything was mishandled by the military, and that was in his own words.                                                                                                               

The following is a quote taken from Critz during this campaign-
"When I worked for Congressman John Murtha, he always told me that you can best judge the character of a person when the heat is on. Do they fight for what they believe in or do they cave and pretend to be someone they are not."

So what does ignoring the rape of a women by a US Marine say about you? Would Murtha have allowed this rapist to call himself a Marine? Would Murtha have allowed the Marines involved get away with mishandling a case that has solid evidence the command never reported the rape and then when pushed to look into it did nothing, breaking both military and federal law?

Congressman Critz is nothing more than a man who wants a position but doesnít actually want to stand up for women or his constituents or the Constitution for that matter.

The story sounds convoluted and completely insane. But the documents are proof and no one could make this up, and we have witnessed it firsthand.  Our friend is willing to share all documents with any elected offical willing to help.

When you have another Congressmanís office getting involved that has watched this unfold with her and they believe there is a problem, and a state senator and state representative being ignored as well, you have to ask yourself, what are the Marines and Critz hiding? And there has to be a lot of validity to her story if people in these positions are sticking their necks out, and also why people like Critz are keeping their mouths shut!

We will be sending the link to this site to other members of the Armed Forces Committee and Representatives that claim they are against sexual assault. Letís see if any of them are worth keeping in office. They want to fight over birth control but not stand up for women being raped?
This is the real WAR ON WOMEN!!!!!!

If this Marine rapes another woman itís on their hands. We know Critz doesnít care but we hope that someone or many can help her and the many others that have been raped by the military both while serving and those who have encountered them.

The men that ignored this have ignored many others and will continue to do so.

This happened at Camp Pendleton. Her rapist is from Ohio, a state that actually has had many victims that were in the military and raped, and some killed, many of them Marines. Now a rapist from the Marines will be returning to Ohio. His congresswoman will be getting a link to this site and has been emailed before, she also sits on the armed forces committee, letís see what Congresswoman Betty Sutton thinks of women.

Our next site will be directed at President Obama and how he was contacted and ignored this rape as well, and how he hasnít responded at all about what a problem this is in the military but felt the need to go after Joe Paterno who actually reported the abuse. The politicians who ignore this will be noted as well. They all want to point fingers but then do nothing themselves.

And if Congressman Jason Altmire wants to show he is the better man than Critz we encourage him to get involved.  Or is he all talk like Critz and no action?

Critz could ask Panetta what happened to corpses but couldnít ask why a rape was mishandled?

We ask that you contact Critz and other members of congress to take action. It has to start with one, only then will you have a domino effect. 

This is the real war on women!!!!!