State Senator Tim Solobay to Critz and his staff “so then that is it ???  she gets no resolve”                    “Pretty cold response (caseworker). I may be little naive to the federal process but I think alot has gone unresolved and if (victim) was my sister, daughter or as it is, a friend I think we haven't done justice for her. Just my thoughts. maybe I don't have all the info but still feel that way. Tim”


State Representative Brandon Neuman sent to Critz and his staff:    (caseworker): Is there anyway you can share the work/research that has been directed towards (Victim) case?  I would like to know how you came to the conclusion that the case should be closed with no resolve. 

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Two years ago our friend was raped by a US Marine she was dating, who had just returned from deployment to Camp Pendleton. She didn’t run to the police because of a tactic he used to make her believe he was suicidal and had seen horrible things (he saw nothing she later found out). We knew she was concerned about his mental health before the rape, but she never expected him to become violent and assault her, he would say things that made her believe he may hurt himself if she left broke things off while he was deployed, and then after the assault as well.

When she returned home from her trip to see him we knew something was wrong. She said things were different and scary and she wasn’t the fun loving person we knew, and she hasn’t been since. We watched as this Marine made terroristic threats, which she has provided to the

Marines, NCIS and former Congressman Mark Critz, and play horrible mental head games with her. We watched as she struggled with what to do because we knew she cared about this Marine and worried about him for 7 months while he was deployed. And after almost two months of torture by this Marine, we remember her saying she was going to have to tell the Marines what he did to her because she was worried about him hurting her again, and himself.

At that point we all believed the Marines would do the right thing, but she hadn’t told us exactly what this Marine did to her; we just knew it had destroyed who she was.

She reported the rape to the Marines and was ignored, told there was nothing they would do and that they weren’t even taking notes, could she email them what she said. She did, and still nothing was done, except that she was threatened on face book to be prosecuted by his family, and was texted by a Marine to leave her rapist alone after she reported him. The Marines promoted him instead and allowed him to try out for special ops a few months later.

After being ignored, a local supporter of Congressman Mark Critz, told her he would take her story to Critz, believing he was a good man and would look into it. He has since learned that Critz is a liar, has no honor, and doesn’t care about anyone, especially women. And his staff follows his lead.

Congressman Mark Critz serves on the Armed Forces Committee, and specifically the subcommittee for military oversight and investigation.

Sexual assault and Rape in the military, and by the military, is a hugely documented problem and has become worse over the last decade despite congress claiming to make laws and regulations to try to stop the problem. The Government Agency of Oversight did a report in the summer of 2011 showing it was unbelievably bad. GAO report

Sadly they have known about this problem for a decade and despite laws and supposed oversight, somehow the numbers are getting worse. The Marines are also letting in more and more criminals and people with drug issues. They give 14,000 waivers a year just for drugs, not to mention more serious crimes.

Our friend didn’t know her Marine had a drug conviction until dating him for over 7 months (Drug conviction). He claimed he was done with them, but then started again while in the Marines, and had lied to her. We even know a Marine who would teach new recruits how to pass drug tests, which was also reported to Critz office, but they did nothing. She told the Marines she had witnessed drug use (at the time she didn’t know what they were doing was considered drugs by the Marines, a drug called Spices, and they told her it wasn’t drugs) and that they would talk about their drug usage when they came back from deployment. Again Critz did nothing.

Our friend had compelling evidence in emails, messages and face book postings. Critz caseworker kept saying “Oh my god, he did what to you” as he read her mild account while talking to her on the phone. His office had the email for over a month and hadn’t read it or called her, she had to call them. She didn’t know what to do since it was across the country and involved the military, and at that point didn’t know he had premeditated her rape; she was still worried he was mentally unstable. This caseworker told her that what had happened to her and the evidence she had were so severe he was going straight to the Pentagon.

Critz met our friend at a talk about a week later and was made aware of the situation by his caseworker and she was told they were going to do something. It took the caseworker an entire month to contact the Pentagon.

He claimed that when he contacted the Pentagon they reacted within four hours, had strong concerns about this Marines mental health, and were calling Camp Pendleton the next day.

Sexual assault in the military is such a serious and heinous crime, on paper, that the Sgt. Maj. that talked to our friend should have contacted NCIS (naval criminal investigative service) and an investigation should have been started immediately in April 2010. Instead this Marine was promoted within two months of her reporting him, and within five months of her calling, and 5 days after the Pentagon finding out, he was let into special ops tryouts known as MARSOC, which means not one word was on his record about the rape/sexual assault, threats, or other violations of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).

The Marines did put a military protective order on this Marine the day before he went in, but never told the Congressman’s office about the MPO or that he was in special ops tryouts.

According to MARSOC guidelines if the Marine were disciplined in any way or had anything in his record for sexual assault, drug usage (for which he had a conviction and was still let into the Marines and his record can be found easily online Drug conviction), or any concerns regarding his behavior he couldn’t get into tryouts.'s%20Screening%20Checklist%20(CSO)%20%20August%204,%202010.pdf

The Congressman had evidence showing our friend reported the crime to the Marines. He had evidence in an email that the Sgt. Maj. said they were doing nothing to him.

Sent to our friend from the Sgt. Maj. in an email after she sent the report he requested, and she had already told him about the rape over the phone.


I got your email and letter and will review each of them later this week.  Thank you for taking the time to write them.

Thank you.

Semper Fidelis:

Then the email she received from him when questioning why his family was saying she may be prosecuted. And again this was after he told her they would do nothing when she reported the sexual assault.

With matters of you being prosecuted, I have no what he might be saying or not saying.  I can tell you that we are NOT pursuing and legal actions against him or you.

Thank you.

Semper Fidelis:

He now had evidence that they didn’t document a sexual assault in anyway. He did nothing and he didn’t want to pursue these violations of federal and military law and most importantly a rape by a US Marine.

Our friend had to find out she had to go to NCIS on her own. Critz office got a letter from the Pentagon only stating they couldn’t see this Marines medical records. They didn’t ask for that, they asked that action be taken for the crimes this Marine had committed. (Click Here)

Critz caseworker told our friend after he had called the Pentagon that he had a “warm and fuzzy feeling in his stomach that the Pentagon was going to do something.” When they didn’t and our friend asked that a congressional inquiry be done regarding the fact that her rape was ignored and many other violations of the UCMJ. Critz office wouldn’t respond to her even though she had a constitutional right. (

We watched as Critz office would promise her help then do nothing. We watched as she had to research everything herself. They told her once if she got an attorney they wouldn’t help her anymore. She realized she had to contact NCIS on her own. Critz caseworker said he would back her up then did nothing. Her caseworker and most of his employees are former military, which we believe is the problem, looking out for their own, not a civilian.

NCIS took three weeks and several attempts on her part, to contact our friend. They confirmed that neither the Pentagon nor Camp Pendleton ever reported her rape. They told her she was definitely sexually assaulted and would get back with her. Then apparently her case was lost and the number they contacted her from wasn’t working. When she contacted Critz caseworker and asked for help, he did nothing and said they hadn’t heard anything. She received a letter from Critz personally that stated he heard she was now dealing with NCIS if she needed help let him know, but he did nothing. (Click Here) He also told her they were going to be “aggressive,” but it took them months to even start the investigation and never kept her updated.  At one point her NCIS agent told her more important things came up, and also that he couldn't wait for her case to be over.

But again his office, full of former military personal, didn’t tell her to go to NCIS, she had to figure it out for herself, and then when she was having problems, they did nothing and wouldn’t do a congressional inquiry for something they were well aware is a problem.

Watching the constant mishandling of such a heinous crime and having to do everything on her own was making her fragile state worse. But to know her is to know she is the strongest person any of us knew. She was the one who always tried to keep a level head and stood up to people. She was crumbling before our eyes, and continues to get worse. And Critz office was helping less and less. Everything was going so wrong she would ask us over and over if she were losing it, but she wasn’t, it was actually happening, and the documentation proves that.

At one point she had to contact SAPRO (sexual assault prevention and response office) at the Pentagon, to get in touch with NCIS. They were supposed to contact the Department of the Navy regarding the mishandling of the rape, something Critz office wouldn’t do. She was told Critz office could get her a copy of the email, but when she asked the caseworker to do it he wouldn’t respond. He did, over eight months later and many attempts on her part, when she had local politicians involved and copied them, he told her to go through the freedom of information act (which could cost her money and could take a long time, which is what the people working at the Marines told her, they suggested Critz office do it for her). When she asked why he waited that long to tell her that and had ignored many emails over the eight months (she even resent him the first request), he wouldn’t answer.

You may ask why she continued to work with them, but you have to understand that she didn’t know what to do and we didn’t know what to tell her. She kept calling agencies across the country regarding rape and no one knew it was a problem in the military and didn’t know what to tell her or they never responded. She did try to go to contact other democratic politician’s offices, but they would say if Critz is handling it they didn’t want to get involved.

You have to ask yourself why if Critz is involved?

Critz would talk to the man that had supported him and promise he was doing something. He promised he would look into the situation and would make sure the law was followed, and then did absolutely nothing. He also claimed he was going to take this to other members of Congress since he was on the Armed Forces Committee, but then never did.

She had to handle everything on her own. NCIS took two months from her initial contact attempt to take her statement.

She had gone to Critz caseworker at one point with concerns (and this was way before she found out her case was closed but when things started to become suspicious), since he had been sympathetic (but he did nothing), she thought he might know what she should do. She told him she thought going to the police might be a good idea with the way things were going, but he assured her things would be done right and then told her she would destroy this Marine if he went to a county jail in San Diego. He kept telling her they knew he had mental health issues and that the Marines would take care of him.

But you have to ask if this caseworker knew he had mental health issues from the evidence and according to the military, then why wasn’t it acted upon?

Again at this point she was still not aware he had premeditated the rape and how he was going to get out of it. The assault was completely uncharacteristic and she didn’t want to believe he meant to rape her. When she realized he knew what he was doing, had planned it and how to get out of it, it completely destroyed her. You have to understand that victims that are in a relationship have a very hard time accepting the person they trusted meant to do it. How could the person she took care of and worried have come back wanting to rape her immediately? How do you live with that?

During this time the judge advocate at Pendleton closed her case claiming she went to the police, but they never talked to her. She found this out 8 months later when an outside advocate looked into it, because she wasn't being told anything. Again this was while Critz was supposed to be watching and the base was claiming they were investigating the matter, but the judge advocate would’ve had to have been involved if they truly investigated the rape, so something is wrong. They actually closed the case before the investigation started at Pendleton according to what her advocate found out. This would have been against military protocol and laws.

Critz had also promised to take this case, one that had solid evidence that the Marines all the way to the Pentagon were ignoring sexual assault, to other congressional members. He did nothing after having her prepare a document of evidence and letter. She later sent this to NCIS to give to the command to show his threats and other violations of the UCMJ, but nobody seemed to care that he had made terroristic threats or that his behavior was unstable. His facebook page has stated for over two years his political view is "killing bodies."
(click here facebookpage) Anyone that reads this evidence is disturbed that the Marines kept this mentally unstable rapist in the Corps, and did nothing.

Needless to say Critz caseworker ended up telling her that they rewarded this Marine instead of punishing him, and that if he had been in the Air Force they would have kicked him out a long time ago. He also said the Marines take anyone, he had recruited more Marines and got coins for it then he did for the air force, because they weren’t good enough for them but the Marines would take them.

An active duty Marine in Critz office, who was working on a fellowship, got involved and his office responded to her less than before. She continued to beg for a congressional inquiry, which people couldn’t believe hadn’t been done with all the evidence. After arguing with them they only told her that the Marines were investigating themselves and this was only after months and months of her asking for an inquiry. When she asked, via email, “Is it a congressional inquiry,” she never got an answer from her caseworker. And there is a difference. Another congressman’s office doesn’t believe a congressional inquiry was done since no statements or evidence was collected from our friend. There were also no reports or updates generated. The one report we will mention later was done after months and never given to our friend by Critz office; the other office gave it to her.

She actually received an email, we believe by mistake, from the fellowship Marine that stated he wasn’t talking to her. Just that one simple sentence, “I’m still not talking to her.” She had sent that Marine and the caseworker an email again asking for information on her case and the investigation, they never responded. Understand this is months after the investigation was supposed to be started and no one had told her a thing. According to military law she should have been updated constantly, she wasn’t, not a word ever. She found out months later from another office that got involved, there was a report that was full of lies and false official statements that evidence can prove. This would have affected her case greatly along with the fact it was already closed before NCIS investigated. She was supposed to be getting info and updates, Critz office gave her nothing and have continued to refuse her requests and requests from State Senator Tim Solobay and State Representative Brandon Neuman. Critz has refused to respond to anyone.

State Senator Tim Solobay to Critz and his staff on December 20, 2011

“so then that is it ???  she gets no resolve”

Solobay a few minutes later, but there was never a response at all from Critz or his office.

“Pretty cold response (caseworker). I may be little naive to the federal process but I think alot has gone unresolved and if (victim) was my sister, daughter or as it is, a friend I think we haven't done justice for her. Just my thoughts. maybe I don't have all the info but still feel that way. Tim”

State Representative Brandon Neuman sent to Critz and his staff on December 22, 2011

(caseworker): Is there anyway you can share the work/research that has been directed towards (Victim) case?  I would like to know how you came to the conclusion that the case should be closed with no resolve.



During all of this she had called other congressional offices, mainly democrats on the armed forces committee; they would do nothing because they don’t like to cross lines. But she was put in contact with a local republican congressional office; both Critz and this office represented her area (their lines went through local areas). The caseworker there has watched this case for a year, having to take a backseat because Critz office was in charge. He had asked for a congressional inquiry right away, and was told Critz was in charge they, would keep him in the loop. He has confirmed that things weren’t making sense and he wasn’t getting documents that he should have if they were really investigating the rape and fact that it wasn’t reported. He is currently trying to get information and the Marines are denying him anything stating Critz is satisfied.

However Critz sent our friend a letter stating the Marines had not handled the case correctly, but weren’t doing anything. This was sent to her two weeks after Critz told Solobay at a democratic picnic that “they had the Marines on the wire for mishandling the case, and something would be done.”

We found out this Marine had already been deployed and no one had done anything. Dates that Critz gave conflict with other reports. Nothing makes sense or has followed military law, let alone federal law. She had told Critz office if the Marines did nothing she wanted to take this to the police. Something she is currently pursuing. We believe they waited to tell her so he could deploy first, again delaying any other investigations.

Critz promised for months to meet with Solobay, Neuman, our friend and the supporter who had taken this to him.

Critz was drunk at a Labor Day picnic for the Unions, in Washington, Pa, when he thought we were going to still be in his district. He personally promised her he would meet with her and these men the last week of September. He also didn’t believe her when she told him this Marine had a prior criminal record, which she later sends to him. She emailed him several times and the others tried to contact him as well, all with no response over the next months.

At the end of September she saw Critz at the Washington County Democratic banquet, which she was invited to by one of the men who were supposed to meet with them, and who knew Critz would be there, and again she was promised they were having a meeting. Over the next three months they all continued to try to contact Critz and his office. They lied and wouldn’t respond. By December she asked his office to close her case so another office could look into things. They wouldn’t even tell her if the case was still open and then asked her how to have a meeting. They wouldn’t give her files about her case or any information. As stated above they wouldn’t even respond to the other politicians trying to help her.

There were many other incidents and issues but for the sake of too much information we have not put them in this report.

This was a rape case, a serious and heinous crime in the military and federal government and against any human being. We have seen her evidence and lived through this with her. We have watched as Critz office would build up her hopes, promise her help, then do nothing and ignore her. They would lead her on so she wouldn’t go to civilian authorities, and even lied to other elected officials. Her case supports what women in the military are claiming every day, especially in the Marines and Camp Pendleton. Critz has a position in which he could be affective not only for her case but for all women and men being raped by the US military.

Our friend is a shell of a person and there really is no way to help her. She, and at this point all of us, doesn’t trust the US Government or the Armed Forces, especially the Marines. She used to go to church but doesn’t even believe in god after what she has been through. With all of her evidence nothing has been done. Her rapist is about to be let out as a hero!!!!!!!!





Mark Critz is the wrong choice for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania because of his War on Women.

Mark Critz is the wrong choice for Lieutenant Governor because of his rejection of the LGBT Community.